zongheng The Daoist Seal
This world has never had gods, only people with strength. Jiang Xiaofan was originally a mortal until he chanced upon a fragment of the Daoist Seal and began practicing the teachings of two ancient, sacred Buddhist and Daoist texts. As he journeys across Ziwei and traverses the galaxy, the seal inside him will be a testament to his path of greatness.
Educatedblade Sword Ancestor
Bai Heng is a reincarnator who was thrown into a cultivation world. Follow his journey to lead a happy and safe life in a world of dangers.
HeavenShakingPalm9 A universe acquires a body
First a note to readers of my other novels: My releases for Potion Maker have slowed immensly because of a mental block, a mental block caused by all these web novel Ideas flooding my mind. Oh, I also plan on redoing Bread System, I want to adjust the four chapters so I can resume typing it. Just like Bread System, this isn't my main novel, so the release rate will be slow.. Well, only if I am wrestling...
Taetheladybug Rich Problems
Kim Yeseul is sent to help a man who is obsessed with money and doesn't care about anything else. Kim Taehyung is his name. He is a jerk, stubborn, ignorant, and ungrateful person, but Yeseul turns out developing feelings towards Taehyung. __________________________________ "You mean nothing to me. All I care about is money. I don't care about nothing else. Got that?"
Seion TODAG System In TODAG
The First Time Nie Li was born everything was so slow to him....... his life, his cultivation, his secret love.....He had to go through a myriad of ups and downs to lose everything in order to be reborn 2nd time and try to prepare for the Future.....A future so black that he must paint it white for his loved ones..... only to fail for the second time..... and be born for a 3rd time with the...